Properties & Facilities


Diamond Egg Limited operates layer farms, feed mills, warehouses, offices and other properties located in Kapasia, Gazipur, Bangladesh.

The facilities currently include 6 shell egg production facilities, 3 pullet growing facilities, 1 wholesale distribution centers, 2 feed mills, 3 feed ingredients store facilities, 1 processing and packing facilities. We also own interests in one organic fertilizer plant facilities, which are consolidated in our financial statements. Most of our operations are conducted from properties we own.

Presently, we own approximately 100 acres of land in various locations throughout our geographic market area. We have planned to grow 1.60 million pullets annually, house 5.00 million laying hens. We also own mills that can produce 100 tons per hour of feed. Our facilities are well maintained and operate at a high level of efficiency. Typically, we insure our facilities for replacement value.